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The third northwest seed industry processing and packaging training meeting
Source:Bo ChuangRelease time:2022-01-07

On June 18, 2021, Hefei Bochuang smart packaging successfully held the third northwest seed processing training conference, new product press conference and on-site observation meeting. More than 80 production leaders and representatives of more than 40 seed processing enterprises in Zhangye, Gansu and surrounding areas, the national corn seed production base, were invited to gather in Gansu seed processing training center. Li Jin, the manager of the company's technology department, talked about the use and maintenance of processing and packaging equipment and equipment maintenance, The operation and other links were explained in detail. 

The on-site seed enterprises listened carefully and communicated with each other. Bochuang intelligence gave detailed answers to the problems and pain points existing in the use of packaging equipment by seed enterprises, so that everyone had a deeper understanding of the common problems in the use of packaging equipment, how to troubleshoot, how to carry out normal maintenance, and precautions for operation. 

Bochuang intelligence always takes customers as the center, Pay attention to after-sales service training to better solve customers' worries, Achieve the purpose of "endless service and innovation leading the future", continuously improve the ability of service, strengthen the timeliness of service, and escort the seed processing enterprises. This training meeting of the company also brought new products. 

The ton bag packaging machine and seed unpacking machine of the seed industry carried out on-site performance, which attracted the favor and praise of many seed enterprises, better met the needs of the development of the seed industry and continuously improved the brand value of the company!



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