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Notice on May Day holiday arrangement
Source:Bo ChuangRelease time:2022-04-27

May day is coming. According to the national holiday regulations and the actual situation of the company, the May Day holiday time is arranged as follows:

1. From April 30 to May 4, there is a total of 5 days off

2. Work normally on Saturday, May 7

After receiving this notice, all departments are requested to arrange all work in advance, or adjust themselves after reporting to the company according to the work tasks.

Before the holiday, all departments shall do a good job in safety and hygiene, check relevant facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention, and close doors and windows and power supply when off duty to ensure the safety and order of the office space.

Please pay attention to your safety when you travel during the festival. The epidemic is not over yet. Please take protective measures when you go out.

Finally, I wish you a happy may day in advance!

Hefei Bochuang intelligent packaging equipment Co., Ltd

April 27, 2022

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